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Reviews & Testimonials

In addition to the many testimonials we have shared below, you can also find some reviews of our products in various online and print publications:

This is a great tent.

testimonials-brianThis is a great tent.  I like how much room is in it for me.  I can fit me and all my stuff including my pack, which is good since I have been in the rain.  No leaks and I can set it up really fast.  Had a few jealous comments from some hikers....especially when I tell them the weight.
- Thanks, Brian

The first to Thru Hike with the Solo

Amazing! Roomy and it can take the weather. I first saw this in Franklin and bought one after a few minutes of looking at it. Good Choice! This tent weighs well under two pounds! and is rock solid. Hand Made in Asheville, NC.
- Ramble~On AT - 2009  Trail Journal

Sweet tent!

Sweet tent! I cussed it at first because I did not have it seam-sealed properly and was not setting it up properly. After I got the kinks worked out I am in love with it. It's probably the ONLY hunter orange colored tent on the trail. 
- Charlie D “Sparkey” AT -2010 Trail Journal

The tent is amazing

The tent is amazing, after setting it up correctly it was sooo roomy, and incredibly stable and sound. Thank you so much i was really worried i wasn't going to find a tent that would be comfortable and yours passes every expectation. and at only 26 ounces that's amazing. looks like I've got my new home for the next five or six months.  Thanks again. 
- David

The roominess is unlike any other solo tent

testimonials-sharonI used my LightHeart solo tent for backpacking in Isle Royale National Park - probably the first bright fuchsia tent ever in that remote location!  The roominess is unlike any other solo tent I have looked at. I kept my pack inside my tent and had plenty of space to sit up, change clothes and snuggle up at night, and everything stayed dry through rainy nights.  It is the only backpacking tent for me now.  Thanks!  
- Sharon “Smoky Scout”  Blog 

Keeps all my gear dry

testimonials-gonzoJudy, Congrats my LightHeart Gear Solo tent made it through the Whites! I am still yet to have any problems with my tent. I am hiking with two others whom also have tarp tents from other companies and they have had problems with set up and water and rain. The double wall feature from LightHeart Gear keeps all my gear dry. I also have video footage where I set up my tent and it rained real bad and I ended up in a puddle of water all under my tent and everything inside my tent was dry! Thank you again so much and look forward to sharing more information, pictures, and videos of your tent after I complete my thru hike.   Thanks again. 
- Gonzo AT 2010 Trail Journal

The tent held up great in the wind.

I slept in this tent over 25 nights in 2010. Will give a short review below:
Hot Weather: With the fly rolled up at the top, the breeze was a blessed gift. Spent on night above Hell's Canyon in Idaho, on the edge of the seven devils, with the best tent view I have ever experienced. So much mesh, I sat there and looked from Idaho , into Oregon and watched the sun go down.

Wet Weather. Got stuck in the rain about six nights and a few afternoons, mostly in the Sawtooth mountains. Two nights were at 8,000 ft with no tree cover. 35 mile per hour wind and driving rain, and stayed bone dry. The double wall tent does it's job and the room in there for a one person tent is awesome. So much head and foot room, and that is with my Deuter 65+10 pack next to me. I sleep on my side and toss and turn, no lack of room and no wet spots. The tent held up great in the wind.

Carrying the tent is great too. Small and light, it goes in my mesh side pocket on my pack, and forget it is there. No tent poles to mess with, and the fabric is plenty durable. Judy made me custom colors, forest green with a tan floor.
- TrailAngel Bronco

Best shelter that I have ever owned

This is the very best shelter that I have ever owned, and I have used tarps as well as brand name tents. If you use hiking poles, get this tent and don't look back.
- Rob Bayless. Meridian, Idaho.